Mukojima Diorama

39art in Mukojima (2019.03.30)
Site-specific video mapping event held in the vacant lot of a recently demolished Nagaya rowhouse in Tokyo, Japan as part of the 39art festival in March 2019. The performative film installation uses observational filming on location, photographs and live-processed sound composition to portray the historical resonance of architecture and reveal how cities transform and change over time. A ghost parade of gobo lanterns and mobile projection mapping led people to the event.

Artistic Director (concept and development) Producer: Allison Moore
Project Manager, Producer: Sachie Takiguchi / 瀧口幸恵
Live improvised musical composition (Japanese Harp): Ryogo Kobata / 小畑亮吾
Sound design with live processing: Ayumu Haitani / という他のユーザ
Translator, Interpreter: Megumi Igarashi / 瀧口幸恵
39art in Mukojima 2019


Tidal Drift

Image: Allison Moore
Sound: Arthur Desmarteaux

Architectural Video Mapping Event
Site-Specific Video mapping of Fog Alarm Building (lighthouse)

East Point National Park, Saturna Island, British Columbia
August 13, 2016
Special event hosted by SIMRES [Saturna Island Marine Research and Education Society] SEA TALKS in context of viewing the Perseid Meteor Showers. Visuals created are all original content filmed on location.  Hypnotic marine-landscapes and timelapses of landscape and stars  superimposed with images of tide pools, projected images of growing plants, cloud formations, and the glowing cosmic stars.

la dérivée marémotrice
Image: Allison Moore
Sound: Andrea-Jane Cornell

Architectural Video Mapping Event for Journées de la culture in Quebec City September 25 + 26 2015

A special event with bright video images of underwater worlds projected on the exterior facade of the historic Maison Girardin. The immersive cinematic experience reinvents the architecture of the building. The video installation creates a micro / macrocosm natural ambient textures. The experimental video projection shows hypnotic marine-landscapes, superimposed images of tide pools with projected images of growing plants, crystals, cloud formations, and the glowing cosmic stars.

Girardin mur à mur est un événement spécial avec des images vidéo lumineuses de mondes sous-marins projetés sur la façade extérieure de l'historique Maison Girardin. L'expérience cinématographique immersive va réinventer l'architecture de l'édifice pour deux soirsseulement. L'installation vidéo crée un micro / macrocosme ambiante de textures naturelles.  La boucle de la vidéo expérimentale illustre des marins-paysages hypnotiques superpose des images de bassins de marée avec des images projetées de la culture de plantes, des cristaux, formation de nuages, et les étoiles cosmiques incandescentes. Flottant à la dérive dans l'espace.